Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December 24th Gelsemium. West Coast USA


Do you feel shaky, weak, chilly? Has your throat started to be kind of sore? Have your symptoms come on slowly giving you the sneaking sense of "uh-oh, i think I'm getting the flu"?  If so you could benefit from Gelsemium.

A Gelsemium flu comes on slowly and some of the first signs are fatigue, chill, and achiness with skin sensitivity.  Although sore throat that is sometimes burning in nature can present itself, the soreness does not become severe such as in a Belladonna or Hepar sulph way.  Although appetite is wanting, vomiting is not a hallmark of this flu.  Headache may be present especially in the occiput or back of the neck.  The eyes can feel heavy making it hard to keep the eyes open.  One generally feels better in bed resting with this type of flu.  The general discomfort in all mucous membranes travels down through the body and the patient feels better for awhile after urinating.

Gelsemium is the number one flu remedy for a typical achy flu. Its good to keep on the shelf because the flu takes a few days to come on and to pass...Gelsemium will not be one of those 24 hour flus.  A 30 c dose taken one to three times a day will help relieve symptoms, but quicker complete healing will only happen with rest.