Tuesday, September 7, 2021

2020 Remedies still hold true for COVID


Wow, I can't believe it's been over a year since my last post. It has been a crazy year with the virus bouncing around the world, conflicting COVID information, variants and COVID drama.  I had seen only a few patients with COVID in the first year of shut downs.  However in the last month (with the Delta variant) I've seen a ton! The symptoms haven't changed though (despite the variants) and therefore the recommended homeopathics have not changed. 

Symptoms are now also being felt by people who have gotten vaccines. The most common symptoms are usually short lived (less than a week after vaccination) and typically include fatigue, achiness all over, chill (especially with drafts), and for some, diarrhea.

One great thing seen lately is that the 5 remedies I talked about last year for COVID are still effective for COVID and for COVID vaccine reactions! I got my Pfizer vaccine 3 days ago. The first day I had only a little shooting pain in lymph node areas around my body. I was still able to go paddleboarding on the Columbia river. But by the afternoon the next day I felt a little chilled, achy in all joints and tired. Also a little heavy.

Luckily I had my Virus 2020 blend in my purse. I took it (I had the one with the spray top) on the way home from my parents house. In addition I took one of my stand by constitutionals--Rhus tox-- because I had desired a hot tub and ice cream earlier that day.  Achiness that craves very hot water is classic for Rhus tox. I had chosen Rhus as an additional Covid remedy last year for other symptoms (see this post).  By the time I got home, I my achiness had faded and I started to perk up. By next morning i felt completely normal. 

A patient called me at work today to ask for any help for COVID symptoms he had been experiencing x 4 days: fever, fatigue, slight cough and slight chest tightness. He was relatively young and O2 sats were normal.  He stopped by for a curbside pickup of Virus 2020 blend.  A couple of hours later, he texted to say that within 15 minutes of taking it, all of his symptoms resolved.  He had been on his way to the pharmacy to get medication, which he probably will no longer need. 

So the Virus 2020 blend (plus Rhus tox for some people) is still the top treatment for COVID and COVID vaccine related symptoms. For people who get digestive symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea, I'm guessing that Veratrum album is the best remedy. Few people get those symptoms so I'm leaving that out of my 2020 blend. To recap, my 2020 blend has:

Bryonia--top remedy for dry cough, achiness with movement and cold drafts

Gelsemium--top remedy for fatigue, low fever, heaviness and headache

Eupatorium perf--top remedy for ache that goes down to the bones

Arsenicum--top remedy for a chill that can't be warmed, weakness, and debilitated feeling

Top addition:

Rhus tox--add on for achiness in the joints with desire for hot tub and cold milk.  Opposite to Bryonia which does not like movement, Rhus people like constant movement to ease the joint pain. 

Contact the office for our Virus 2020 blend at 360-433-2727. Take care and stay healthy!