Sunday, January 16, 2022

Belladonna--possible Omicron remedy or is it a Belladonna cold going around?


There's a new kid in town and it's called Omicron

It is quickly caught and gets passed around very easily. People think it might be just a cold, or a headache.  Then symptoms are pretty bad or as precaution they decide to do a test...ding ding ding! COVID!

Maybe it's the vaccines, the previous antibodies or maybe it's just the nature of the variant that makes Omicron less severe symptomatically than previous variants.

And perhaps there is also a flu going around that is not Omicron but has similar symptoms to the new variant. At any rate, here are the symptoms people are having:

-sudden, severe headache. Migraine. Sinus headache, Throbbing headache

-feeling terrible. Slight fever.

-sinuses completely blocked

After hearing detailed symptoms from two people diagnosed with Omicron, I realised this variant might have a different remedy than previous variants. It sounded like Belladonna: 1) symptoms come on quickly, 2) strong throbbing headache worse stooping over, 3) sinus congestion. Then after a couple days things improve. By improve I mean that the severe symptoms are resolving. After that the person can have more typical COVID symptoms of dry cough or fatigue but on much lower scale than Delta. 

On Friday I woke up with a little nausea and a headache that quickly got worse. By the afternoon it was very painful especially when bending over to pick something up off the floor. there was pressure pounding in my head.  That's why I chose the weather picture above. Looks like a lot of pressure that shoots the snow through the snow blower.  The belladonna headache is worse stooping because there is no place for the pressure to go. It's all getting pushed to the head, which is why with Belladonna fevers you will have cold extremities but a hot head and face. I did take some Belladonna and by the time I left work my headache was gone. 

The next day a friend that I had dinner with the night before texted that she got a headache as well. It was throbbing. She took aspirin and went out to do some yard work she had planned. Her headache was gone by late afternoon. By the way, I did do a COVID rapid test which was negative.

Typically with Belladonna flus they start and end pretty quickly. That is the benefit. People who tend towards Belladonna flus spike a high fever, go to bed, sweat it out and are better the next day.  I can't say that people with Omicron are better the very next day, however they are getting better much quicker than with Delta. Most people feel not so bad after 2 days and by day 5 they know they are on the mend and out of the woods. For this reason, I actually think it is reasonable that quaruntine should only last 5 days (though I do favor a negative test before venturing out).

There is a lingering dry cough in Omicron that can come on when the Belladonna symptoms subside. For this reason, Bryonia is still a good remedy to take for COVID 19. It's almost as if there are Bryonia and Belladonna strains that occur together. With Bryonia, symptoms typically come on slower with achiness and fatigue, maybe a headache. There has been a new symptom of dizziness and a feeling of sinking into the bed while lying down.  These so far are mild.

Then after a few days the cough can come on and be mild, severe and potentially long lasting. So it seems that with Omicron, either there are mild Bryonia symptoms or none, then the severe Belladonna-like sinus symptoms hit, then they resolve leaving other very mild Bryonia symptoms behind.  Interestingly, I haven't seen as much of the Gelsemium-like variant symptoms of severe fatigue this time though this was a HUGE remedy with Delta. Still, Gelsemium can start with a headache, fever and chills so it is worth a look.

I have seen only a few people with truly low oxygen throughout the pandemic, but now it seems almost nobody has low oxygen with Omicron. This is a good thing as people really don't need to go to the hospital if their oxygen is fine. Actually, you don't need to go to the hospital at all if your symptoms are treated properly at home (preferably by a physician). 

So if you get Omicron, try a combined or alternating dosage of Belladonna and Bryonia (homeopathics).  I think you'll get through it just fine. Remember your pulse oximeter and check your oxygen daily. Take your vitamins. Eat good food. Be good and take care!