Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Belladonna proves effective for earaches and fevers....also other remedies right now....


As you may know, three different flus are going around. In addition to COVID. Some remedies have come up as useful for what's going on:

#1 Remedy: BELLADONNA.  Belladonna is great to have on hand for sudden high fevers and ear aches. Fevers lately have been up to 104+ with the current flu. Typically a child might feel fine during the day and then after going to bed, they wake up crying of ear pain and with a fever. Even adults have been getting ear infections with the current flu. Belladonna ear pain is typically very painful and pulsating. The ear my feel hot to the touch and even look red on the outside. Or the person has a red face and cold hands. Belladonna flus can also have a very bad sore throat, and this has been going around as well. 

#2 Remedy: IPECACUANHA. Ipecacuanha is the homeopathic made from the herbal remedy that induces vomiting. Don't take that if you want to treat these flu symptoms. Take the homeopathic (diluted) form of the remedy. A 30c is the best choice.  Ipecacuanha is great for coughs that make you gag. The cough is so bad that you gag while coughing and might even vomit. Also Ipecacuanha is good for wheezing or feeling of suffocation with heaviness in the chest and stuck mucous. 

#3 Remedy: GELSEMIUM. This is a carry-over from COVID. A top COVID remedy for the fatigue and brain fog that accompanies the flu. Also good for that initial feeling of your skin being very sensitive when you first start feeling chilled like you are getting sick. Also good for headaches that feel like they are behind your eyes or make your head and eyelids feel heavy.

#4 Remedy: ALLIUM CEPA. This remedy which is well known for allergies can also be used for colds. It is great for colds that quickly go to the larynx and chest.  The tissues (nose and throat and bronchiols) can feel raw. The nose is irritated by the excoriating thin watery mucous. Eyes can also be watery and irritated. Usually people with this type of cold/flu feel better outside in fresh air. So if you feel like this, don't bundle up in bed, get outside for a bit.

#5 Remedy: HEPAR SULPH CALC. This remedy is for the last stages of colds and flu where after 2 or more weeks there is a cough or nasal drainage where it feels like there is stuck mucous. Mucous can be green or yellow at this point. Most people think they need an antibiotic when they see this color mucous, but try some Hepar sulph and see if you can get it to clear.

You can take any of these remedies in a 30c dose 3-5 times a day. Take another dose when symptoms seem to worsen or come back after they had subsided. If you're not sick yet, get these remedies to have on the shelf. Particularly Belladonna will help for those late night sudden earaches and fevers.

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