Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 8th--Belladonna

Seen around Vancouver Washington--Belladonna flu symptoms

Belladonna symptoms come on suddenly--within a day--and can progress to severe within hours. Typically there will be heat, pain, and often dilated pupils.
Throat--acute tonsillitis often deep red with suppuration (pus). Painful even with just breathing air over the tonsils. Pain may be throbbing
Headache--throbbing headache worse movement or stooping. May be located in the sinus and/or temple area.
Earache--if it exists usually starts on one side, is throbbing, and the outer ear may be red and the ear drum will be red and bulging
Abdominal pain--may or may not be accompanied by diarrhea.
We've seen all of these symptoms in differnt patients in the last week and Belladonna has been effective. Not all patients had all symptoms.

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